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Appliance Repair Sacramento

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Appliance Repair Sacramento

What Is Appliance Repair Sacramento Doing?

Sacramento Appliance Repairs is one of the leading repair firms in the industry based in Sacramento, California. We are proficient in helping our clients with a wide range of repair issues related to their homes and even commercial appliances.
Our professionals at Appliance Repair Service have been experts in this field for more than 15 years. Despite the fact that they have so much experience in this field they constantly undergo training sessions to upgrade their knowledge and skills.
Our service has full accessibility and availability, as we offer 24/7 services just to make sure that the most urgent and essential tasks are solved with little time and effort. So if you are interested in our service just contact us by calling (916) 546-1222 or scheduling an online appointment.

What Customers say about us

Jessica R. Fabre
Jessica R. Fabre
There Technician came  and fixed my air conditioner on the roof, he changed the capacitor and did some maintenance, including cleaning the air filter. Friendliness and helpfulness were particularly appreciated.
Mary F. Hartley
Mary F. Hartley
The technician was courteous and proficient. He even made time for my workday and swiftly fixed my oven. My family and friends have already given me their recommendations. Thanks for your great service!!
Scott J. Arzola
Scott J. Arzola
When my washer broke, I found Sacramento Appliance Repairs online and I'm so glad I did! They were able to come out and fix it within a few hours and were very affordable. They were also extremely pleasant and professional. I will most certainly use them again in the future!
Nita Samuel
Nita Samuel
Amazing. In 30 minutes, he arrived and repaired my dryer. He had the required tools in his kit. Professional, prompt, and reasonable for the work. I strongly advise anyone to use this company.
Catherine Woolf
Catherine Woolf
There technician made a competent and accurate assessment of the problems we were having. It cost relatively little, and only two visits, for him to get everything working again. Great work by there technician Thanks Sacramento Appliance Repairs!!
Sandra B. Wilson
Sandra B. Wilson
We have an old washer-dryer that we want to keep working as long as possible. We called them and they arrived on same day and fixed our dryer. this company has our trust because they do great work and are reliable and knowledgeable.
Joe Clements
Joe Clements
I had only been in the town for about a week when the freezers became increasingly loud. When I called Sacramento Appliance Repair, they quickly dispatched a technician to my location. Within 5 minutes, the technician had determined the reason for the problem, a faulty compressor. The estimate was much lower than others I'd received in the past, and the repair was completed quickly!
Grace Madrid
Grace Madrid
Excellent service from a knowledgeable expert! All of my broken appliances have been repaired by this company. A very pleasant technician did an excellent job servicing my icemaker. I am grateful for a company that values excellence and provides outstanding customer service.
Felicity M. Summers
Felicity M. Summers
The technician was fantastic! He came early, repaired my oven quickly, was courteous and clean, explained the job and associated fees, and was incredibly pleasant. Overall, I am quite happy. Thank you very much! My oven has back!

Our Mission and Values

Firstly, our mission is to help every person in a residential or commercial setting to solve their appliance issues and make the operations as smooth as possible. We also want to be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, because we understand that malfunctions with our appliances can happen anytime and postponing the repair procedure may become a huge headache.

Additionally, we want every person to be in a comfortable environment despite their financial backgrounds, this is why we offer democratic and reasonable prices so that everyone can afford our service. And what also makes us to stand out from other appliance repair companies that we always maintain our affordable with keeping high quality.

Refrigerator Repair Sacramento

Refrigerator Repair Sacramento

Refrigerator is one of those appliances without which it’s even impossible to live a day. And it often requires quick maintenance. We solve a wide range of problems like water leakages, lightning issues, noise inconveniences. You might also notice that your refrigerator is hot outside, or over freezing inside. Whether the problem is with compartment, setting or anything else.

freezer repair sacramento

Freezer Repair Sacramento

Facing a freezer issue especially during hot summer season can be irritating. But you do not have to worry as Appliance Repair Sacramento can solve any freezer issue like defective or damages lead gaskets, seals, light bulb issues, overheating & overcooling. The professional certified freezer repairman will be able to inspect your freezer, diagnose the problem and hopefully fix it.

washer repair sacramento

Washer Repair Sacramento

The works of household have become way easier since the invention of washer and now we cannot imagine our laundry procedure without it. So in case you face a problem with your washer reach out to our professionals. Usually our clients have issues like over-shaking washing machine, noise or smell problems, clogged or jammed pipes and so on.

Dryer Repair Sacramento

Dryer repair Sacramento

Is your dryer overheating like almost burning or maybe it’s not heating/operating at all. These are just a few of problems that Sacramento Appliance Repair faces on regular basis. Contact us with any dryer issues & our professionals will give a quick fix.

stove repair sacramento

Stove Repair Sacramento

When it comes to stove, we face problems related to gas burners, heating and lightning procedure. Fixing a stove on your own can be dangerous this is why it’s highly recommended to work with a professional as it’s cheaper in the long term, faster and safer.

oven repair sacramento

Oven Repair Sacramento

Appliance Repair in Sacramento has experience in working with all types of ovens including microwave ovens, gas ovens, electric ovens, and so-called combination ovens. We solve issues related to the gas igniter, timer, door, elements, etc.

dishwasher repair sacramento

Dishwasher Repair Sacramento

Despite the fact that dishwasher is a cleaning machine it also occasionally needs proper cleaning and maintenance. If you fail to take care of it you will sooner or later face some issues. However Sacramento Appliance Repairs is there to solve any issues with your dishwasher.

microwave repair sacramento

Microwave Repair Sacramento

When your microwave faces any issues you should not try to fix it along unless you have proper knowledge or experience. If you feel like your microwave is malfunctioning just contact us.

range hood repair sacramento

Range Hood Repair Sacramento

We help with a wide range of range and range hood issues connected with the power, interface control or noise. We work with all types of range and range hood and also have specific knowledge right from the manufacturer for your brand. So what are you waiting for just contact us.

Do you have any other concerns or questions?

So, if you have any remaining queries or questions about our services, brand, or features, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always delighted and prepared to assist our clients through a reasonable and democratic method. You may reach our Sacramento Appliance Repair expert by calling or making an online appointment.

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