The Advantages of Refrigerators

Have you ever imagined how people lived without refrigerators in the past? How did they keep eggs, milk, butter and many other types of food without refrigeration? Do you know the role of this appliance in your life? This crucial invention plays great role in the society and makes people’s life much easier. Here are presented the advantages of refrigerators.

 Refrigerator is one of the most important and common used kitchen appliances. We realize the great importance of this appliance in daily life when the electricity goes off. The food without refrigeration will quickly spoil, mold and rot.  Refrigerators can keep drinks and food safe as they will stay cold.

Fridge can prevent people from getting sick and dying as refrigeration slows bacterial growth which can cause illness. In addition it retains the freshness and nutritional value of the food.

Another advantage is the opportunity of having cool beverages, drinks or sodas at any time of a day.  Also fridges have freezers, which make the food last longer and ice- makers, which will never let you to stay without ice in any situation.

This appliance also saves your time. As refrigerators have large space for a lot of storage and it is no necessary to go for a shopping every day.

Nowadays it is impossible to live without this great invention.

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Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

Garbage disposal which was invented in 1927 is an electrically powered device. It is installed under a kitchen sink and is used for grinding food into small pieces so that it will flow easily through the pipes. Garbage disposals usually last about 9 to 13 years. Nowadays there is a large variety of garbage disposals which work in different ways. That is why before buying a garbage disposal you should take into consideration the all options.

Garbage disposal buying guide presents the most important features that you should consider:Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

  • Brand

Nowadays one of the most common used brands of disposal is InSinkErator. They have a good quality and are durable.

  • Horsepower
  1. Garbage disposal with 1/3 horsepower which is the lowest
  2. Garbage disposal with ½ horsepower, which can shred bones and softer waste
  3. Garbage disposal with ¾ horsepower
  4. Garbage disposal with 1 horsepower, which can handle tougher stuff
  • Type

There are two basic types of garbage disposal

  1. Continues – Feed Model
  2. Batch – Feed Model
  • Auto-Reverse Mode

It will help a garbage disposer’s spinning blades clear jammed waste.

  • Safety Cover

If the cover is not in place safety cover will not let the garbage disposal to be turned on.

  • Price
  • Noise levelGarbage Disposal Buying Guide

 By the help of garbage disposal you can easily deal with kitchen waste.

 Garbage disposal buying guide helps you to choose the right one for your apartment. But if there is something wrong with your appliance do not worry.

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How to Repair a Dryer That Won’t Start

Dryer is a powered household appliance which is usually used in United States. This appliance allows people to dry clothes quickly and easily under any weather conditions.  If your dryer won’t turn on at first you should diagnose the problem and understand what the issue is.

Here are presented simple tips which will help you to repair your appliance.

  • Door Switch

At first make sure that the door is fully latched as only in that case the door switch will allow the dryer to run. So one of the reasons that your dryer won’t start may be the signal that the door’s not closed is being sent.

  • Thermal FuseHow to Repair a Dryer That Won’t Start

Most dryers have thermal fuse for preventing fires and overheating. If the machine becomes too hot a heat-sensitive fuse will interrupt power to the drive motor. If this fuse is broken or malfunctioning your dryer will not start. You can check the fuse by using a multi-meter. Before testing do not forget to unplug the dryer.

  • Rotary or Push Start Switch

If the dryer’s start switch has broken it will not send power to the drive motor and the dryer will not start tumbling.  Before testing the switch unplug your dryer and test it with a multi-meter for continuity. 

Here are presented some of the reasons which cause your dryer not to start. If you cannot deal with those problems do not hesitate and call on Sacramento Appliance repairs. This service is able to solve every problem connected with your dryer.  Our highly trained professionals can overcome the all difficulties as they have more than 15 years of experience and are certified.

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OrHow to Repair a Dryer That Won’t Start

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Stove Troubleshooting Advice

Stove is one of the most essential appliances in any kitchen which is used for cooking. There are two types of stoves electric and gas. Both are equally effective and safe. If your kitchen appliance does not work properly or it is broken down here is presented stove troubleshooting advice.

  1. The oven is not heating.Stove Troubleshooting Advice

If your oven has “time cook” function you need to reset it. As they are often set wrong and prevent the stove from coming on.

The second step is to make sure the stove is plugged in and you have power to the outlet. Electronic ignition systems and some standing pilots need electricity to operate.

The third step is to check the pilot and clean and relight it according to the manufacturer’s directions.

  1. The stove heating element is not working.

If the switch which sends voltage to the surface element coil is defective in that case the surface element will not work. If there is another element of the same size on the stove, try switching the elements. If the surface element still doesn’t work, it means the surface element switch is likely defective. If the switch is defective you need to replace it.

  1. An electric range burner does not heat.

Check the burner for wear. If it’s pitted and scorched you need to replace it.

Then check the burner socket. If it’s charred or scorched replace it.


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The Proper Wine Cooler for Your Apartment

Wine cooler is the best way for keeping wine bottles at optimum temperature. This appliance is not only designed for preserving wine but also for aging.  If your apartment is warm and you do not know how to keep the collection of wine bottles it means you need to buy a wine cooler. Before buying a wine cooler you should take into consideration these simple things:

  • The type of a wine cooler:

Wine coolers can beThe Proper Wine Cooler for Your Apartment

  1. small chillers

This type of wine coolers can quickly cool wine and usually work on a single bottle.

  1. small countertop refrigerators

This type fits on the top of a kitchen counter and can keep between 5 and 20 bottles.

  1. medium-size wine refrigerators

Usually this type has dual zones which allow storing red and white wines at different temperatures.

  1. large wine cellar refrigerators

This type of wine cooler is larger and more expensive but it can hold nearly 100 bottles.

  • Space

Take into consideration space of your home. As wine coolers can range greatly in size it is important to measure the space of your room so as to find the right wine cooler for your apartment.

  • noise

Usually large wine cellar refrigerators and compressors are louder than the smaller thermoelectric units. 

  •  priceThe Proper Wine Cooler for Your Apartment

You need to pay more if you want a wine cooler with the best features.

Follow to this instruction and find the proper wine cooler for your apartment.

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The Importance of Trash Compactor

A trash compactor is a machine which is used to reduce the size of material through compaction. This appliance is very convenient for using both at home and at your business. A trash compactor has become a great addition to any home as it allows people not to take garbage out very often. By the help of trash compactor you can save place; also this appliance makes the trash confined, neat and clean. Trash compactors reduce the volume of the waste by 80%.

There are different types of trash compactors:

  • Indoor and outdoorThe Importance of Trash Compactor
  • Self-contained
  • Portable
  • Liquid tight
  • Stationary
  • Hydraulic or manual

There is also a wide range of sizes of trash compactors. So it gives an opportunity to choose the one which is proper for your space. They also differ in their powers.

The usage of trash compactor is very easy. You need to open the door of compactor and load the bin. Usually bottles should be placed into the bin first as if you load the trash compactor wrong a senor will sound to alert you. After loading the bin you can push the start button. Usually trash compactors do their work during 40 minutes.

Using trash compactor you will protect the environment. Get the right trash compactor for you and make your life more comfortable.The Importance of Trash Compactor 2

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The Usage of Icemaker

Ice maker is a great addition to the kitchen appliances. Usually in hot summers it is unbearable to drink your favorite juice, alcohol and even water without ice. The fastest and smallest portable icemakers will never let you to stay without ice in any situation. Add water in the ice maker then turn the appliance on and ice will be ready within 10 minutes. If you don’t use all of the ice that is made, the ice will slowly melt and the machine will then automatically reuse the water to make more ice. The Usage of Icemaker

There are 2 types of ice makers: air-cooled refrigeration units which are more water efficient and water cooled refrigeration units which are more energy efficient.
If you want to have clear and smooth ice you should replace the water in your appliance. Nevertheless some ice makers are designed to produce clearer and smoother ice by using a repeated freezing and partial thawing cycle while the ice is produced.

One of the important advantages of the portable ice maker usage is the opportunity to take this appliance with you wherever you go. The only thing you need is a power source.
Using ice makers during your outdoor picnics and cocktail parties will be perfect both for you and for your guests. Your guests will not complain about their drinks being hot and you will not be anxious.The Usage of Icemaker
The usage of icemaker is very important nowadays. That is why Sacramento Appliance repairs will immediately come to help you if your ice maker is broken down. We provide same day service and receive calls 24/7. The professional technicians can repair your ice maker not only quickly but also efficiently.
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What are The Types of Freezers?

Freezer is an important household appliance which became widespread after World War 2. Now it is difficult to imagine daily life without freezers as freezing is best way for protecting food from bacteria, rot and mold. Freezers give you an opportunity to go for a shopping not so frequently as due to them we can keep as much food as possible. There are different sizes, brands and models of freezers, but they all can be separated only into four styles. Each style of freezer has its benefits and advantages.So what are the types of freezers?What are the types of freezers

  • Upright freezers

They are very convenient for usage as there is no need to bend down for finding the food you want. It allows easy access to items on each shelf and also it allows you to organize your food with a shelving system.

  • chest freezer

The next type is chest freezer which is the most economical. Usually they require more space than other types of freezers but they have many privileges. You can put bulky and large items into this type. Also they have baskets to provide an organized division of space.

  • Portable freezers

This type of freezers eliminates the need to pack ice, allowing more room for what you want in the chest.

  • Drawer freezers

They are usually found in larger kitchens and provide convenience for the cook who needs to have certain items at hand while preparing foods.


Before buying a freezer take into account the privileges of all types of freezers and then choose the one which is proper for you.What are the types of freezers


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How to Fix a Dishwasher that won’t Drain?

How to fix a dishwasher that won't drainIf your dishwasher does not drain and it makes your kitchen real mess do not panic. There is no need to buy a new dishwasher or to clean the dirty dishes by hand. Before calling a specialist there are quick checks that you can make yourself.

Here are presented simple tips which will help you how to fix a dishwasher that won’t drain.

Before you start any work, make sure that the dishwasher is switched off at the mains.

  1. At first you need to check the filter. The filter is situated either in the bottom of the tub, surrounding the base of the lower spray arm, or at the back.Remove and clean the filters as blocked filters will stop your dishwasher draining. After removing and cleaning you can replace the filter. If you use your dishwasher very often, it will be better to clean the filters every week.
  1. The second step is to check the drain hose. The drain hose which is situated at the back of the dishwasher can be kinked. You need to disconnect the drain hose from the pump and try to blow through the hose to be sure it is clear or not.
  2. The third step is to check for a valve bracket. The valve bracket is often located at the bottom of the machine. Push on the valve to make sure it moves freely and isn’t frozen.

How to fix a dishwasher that won't drain

We hope this tips will help you to fix your dishwasher if it stops draining. If you have no time to fix the dishwasher yourself Sacramento Appliance repairs will come to help you as soon as possible. You just need to call (916)546 1222 or schedule service.

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What are the Advantages of Microwaves?

Microwave is a great addition to any home. People cannot imagine their daily life without microwave oven as compared to the traditional methods of cooking; microwave ovens are very convenient to use. Microwaves take very little time to cook. But this multipurpose appliance is not only used for cooking but also for roasting, grilling, baking and etc.

  So what are the advantages of microwaves?

    Here is presented the list of advantages of microwave ovens.

  • One of the main advantages of microwaves is the opportunity of heating frozen food quickly. Heating packaged food will not be difficult for you anymore.
  • Microwaves are also time-saving. Cooking by microwave is faster than cooking on gas stoves.
  • On the contrary to cooking in the pressure cookers the microwave cooking minimizes the loss of nutrients in food and retains vitamins and mineral in the food.
  • Another good side of microwave is efficiency. Microwave ovens use less energy and that is why it conserves electricity.
  • It is also very easy to clean microwave. You need only a sponge. Wipe the microwave from inside and it will be ready for using again.
  • The flavor and the texture of the food are not changed when it is cooked by the microwave.


What are the advantages of microwaves These benefits make people use microwaves. This kitchen appliance makes your busy life more comfortable.

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