How to Choose the Right Washer?

How to choose the right washerWashing machine is one of the most important appliances which help you not to wash your clothes by hand. It saves your time, energy and nerves. That is why it is impotent to buy a good washer which will make your life easy. As choosing washing machine is not easy thing here are presented simple tips which will help you to get the right washer for your needs.

Take into consideration the type of washer you want.

Machines can be – a traditional top loader, a top loader without an agitator, or a front loader.

Front-load Washing Machine

  • they are usually the more expensive option.
  • front-loaders clean better and use less water

Top-Load Washing Machine

  • Agitator models cost less and are faster than top-loading washing machines without an agitator.
  • They also spin faster, which removes more water and cuts dryer time.

How to choose the right washerIf your laundry room is not large you need to size up your space.

Washers can range greatly in size. So first you need to measure the space of the laundry room so as to find the right washer. Also do not forget to measure the doors to your home to be sure that your washing machine fits through them.

  • Also take into consideration the budget.

Washers can cost from 300$-2000$ depending on the type, capacity, and features.

  • The tub dimension is another important point.

The tub dimensions range from 2.45 cubic feet up to 5.6 cubic feet.

  • While choosing a washing machine do not forget about efficiency.

A higher-efficiency washer uses less energy and that is why it conserves electricity and water. 


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How to Fix Leaking Refrigerator?

How to fix leaking refrigerator?Refrigerators can also leak as other appliances such as dishwasher, sink and etc. If your refrigerator is leaking water and it makes your busy day inconvenient,Refrigerator Repair Sacramento will help you to solve the problem.

There are different reasons for leaking refrigerators.First of all you should determine what the issue is.

  1. One of the most common causes of water leaking from your refrigerator is that the defrost drain is actually clogged.

The small drain opening can be blocked by food particles or ice, preventing water that accumulated during the defrost cycle from draining to the pan. For this case the homeowner can clear the drain by flushing it with hot water. If it is necessary to remove the blockage you can use a short piece of stiff wire.


  1. Another cause of water leaking from your refrigerator is the ice maker which does not work properly.

Water-line connections to the ice maker can come loose or the seals can age and crack, leading to leaks. The water supply line is the tube which is behind your freezer. It’s a fairly strong tube. First of all you need to check the length of the water line leading to the ice maker. If the ice maker supply line is the problem you should tighten the connections or replace the water line. Also check that the pipe isn’t pinched or kinked.


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