Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

Garbage disposal which was invented in 1927 is an electrically powered device. It is installed under a kitchen sink and is used for grinding food into small pieces so that it will flow easily through the pipes. Garbage disposals usually last about 9 to 13 years. Nowadays there is a large variety of garbage disposals which work in different ways. That is why before buying a garbage disposal you should take into consideration the all options.

Garbage disposal buying guide presents the most important features that you should consider:Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

  • Brand

Nowadays one of the most common used brands of disposal is InSinkErator. They have a good quality and are durable.

  • Horsepower
  1. Garbage disposal with 1/3 horsepower which is the lowest
  2. Garbage disposal with ½ horsepower, which can shred bones and softer waste
  3. Garbage disposal with ¾ horsepower
  4. Garbage disposal with 1 horsepower, which can handle tougher stuff
  • Type

There are two basic types of garbage disposal

  1. Continues – Feed Model
  2. Batch – Feed Model
  • Auto-Reverse Mode

It will help a garbage disposer’s spinning blades clear jammed waste.

  • Safety Cover

If the cover is not in place safety cover will not let the garbage disposal to be turned on.

  • Price
  • Noise levelGarbage Disposal Buying Guide

 By the help of garbage disposal you can easily deal with kitchen waste.

 Garbage disposal buying guide helps you to choose the right one for your apartment. But if there is something wrong with your appliance do not worry.

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