How to Repair a Dryer That Won’t Start

Dryer is a powered household appliance which is usually used in United States. This appliance allows people to dry clothes quickly and easily under any weather conditions.  If your dryer won’t turn on at first you should diagnose the problem and understand what the issue is.

Here are presented simple tips which will help you to repair your appliance.

  • Door Switch

At first make sure that the door is fully latched as only in that case the door switch will allow the dryer to run. So one of the reasons that your dryer won’t start may be the signal that the door’s not closed is being sent.

  • Thermal FuseHow to Repair a Dryer That Won’t Start

Most dryers have thermal fuse for preventing fires and overheating. If the machine becomes too hot a heat-sensitive fuse will interrupt power to the drive motor. If this fuse is broken or malfunctioning your dryer will not start. You can check the fuse by using a multi-meter. Before testing do not forget to unplug the dryer.

  • Rotary or Push Start Switch

If the dryer’s start switch has broken it will not send power to the drive motor and the dryer will not start tumbling.  Before testing the switch unplug your dryer and test it with a multi-meter for continuity. 

Here are presented some of the reasons which cause your dryer not to start. If you cannot deal with those problems do not hesitate and call on Sacramento Appliance repairs. This service is able to solve every problem connected with your dryer.  Our highly trained professionals can overcome the all difficulties as they have more than 15 years of experience and are certified.

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OrHow to Repair a Dryer That Won’t Start

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