Stove Troubleshooting Advice

Stove is one of the most essential appliances in any kitchen which is used for cooking. There are two types of stoves electric and gas. Both are equally effective and safe. If your kitchen appliance does not work properly or it is broken down here is presented stove troubleshooting advice.

  1. The oven is not heating.Stove Troubleshooting Advice

If your oven has “time cook” function you need to reset it. As they are often set wrong and prevent the stove from coming on.

The second step is to make sure the stove is plugged in and you have power to the outlet. Electronic ignition systems and some standing pilots need electricity to operate.

The third step is to check the pilot and clean and relight it according to the manufacturer’s directions.

  1. The stove heating element is not working.

If the switch which sends voltage to the surface element coil is defective in that case the surface element will not work. If there is another element of the same size on the stove, try switching the elements. If the surface element still doesn’t work, it means the surface element switch is likely defective. If the switch is defective you need to replace it.

  1. An electric range burner does not heat.

Check the burner for wear. If it’s pitted and scorched you need to replace it.

Then check the burner socket. If it’s charred or scorched replace it.


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